Canadian Animal Health Coalition

Promoting a collaborative approach to animal health

The Canadian Animal Health Coalition is a not-for-profit organization serving Canada’s farmed animal industry. CAHC is a partnership of organizations all recognizing a shared responsibility and a collaborative approach for an effective Canadian animal health system.

Industry organizations and other non-government organizations with an interest in farmed animal health and welfare have a role to play with the federal and provincial/territorial governments in the animal health and welfare system.

The CAHC is resourced to ensure the expertise and information required to provide Canada’s farmed animal industry the capacity to build consensus, share information, provide expertise and project management.

We strive to be a non partisan in the delivery of our mandate to:

  • Identify solutions for identified animal health and welfare issues through project activities;
  • Influence government policy;
  • Provide secretariat services for organizations in animal agriculture; and
  • Manage national program(s) for the good of the farmed animal industry.