CAHC Executive Director and CLT Program coordinator attended the LPDT meeting in Ottawa on Oct 4, 2016. CAHC Executive Director co-chairs this committee with Dr. Con Kiley from CFIA. The committee is developing a transport biosecurity standards module which will then be transferred to the CLT online platform.

The project is a very large undertaking but the committee is progressing well in developing and writing the livestock/poultry/deadstock standards.

Intention and efforts are focused on the details to ensure accuracy and pertinence of the content while not exposing stakeholders to potential contentious situations. Therefore, a broader consultation period (mid-January to mid-March 2017) with all commodities and sectors is planned as soon as the draft document is completed.

In parallel to this consultation process, CLT will incorporate the Biosecurity module into its new on-line platform. Once the consultation period is completed, only minor changes should be left to complete before we can launch the on-line Biosecurity training.