Minimizing impact through proactive planning, preparation and response

Up-to-date and trustworthy information is a tremendous asset, especially during an emergency. Our goal is to support livestock industry organizations and those on the ground with practical resources that clearly outline important considerations and necessary action during a serious event.

Handbooks – Clear and concise information for producers

Producer Tools

  • Farm Objectives, Plan Grid, Work Cycle and Inventory
  • Contact List Templates
  • Visitor Log, Risk Assessment Guide and Control Protocol
  • First Response Agency Checklist
  • Unusual Animal Health Event Indicator Protocol
  • Sector-Wide Trigger Response Protocols
  • Producer Self Declaration Template
  • Emergency Update – Custom Operators
  • Non-Essential Movement Protocol / Voluntary Cease Movement
  • Biosecurity Protocol
  • Mass Vaccination Protocol
  • Depopulation and Disposal Protocol
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Checklist

Plans and Frameworks – step-by-step guidance for provincial and national association staff

We continue to develop Plans for additional provincial partners as well as new national Frameworks. These resources will help boost preparedness and support key players as an emergency unfolds.