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Minimizing impact through proactive planning, preparation and response

Up-to-date and trustworthy information is a tremendous asset, especially during a serious animal disease emergency. 

Our goal is to support livestock industry organizations and those on the ground with meaningful resources that clearly outline important considerations and necessary action during a serious event.

In 2018, as part of our initial AHEM project, we collaboratively developed 13 Plans and Handbooks within select species groups and geographic areas. The Handbooks offer clear and concise information for producers and the Plans provide step-by-step guidance on roles and responsibilities for staff at provincial and national associations. 

In this second phase of AHEM we are developing 12-15 Plans and Handbooks for additional provincial partners, as well as 3-5 national Plans.  

Both the customized Plan and Handbook resources are intended to be used to prepare for an emergency and as a compass as the situation unfolds.

Click here to view / download a copy of your provincial animal health emergency management Handbook.

Producer Handbook summary brochures: