Awareness and capacity building within Canada’s livestock industry

AHEM workshops and webinars support project resources developed to date for livestock industry associations and their members across Canada.

Since being launched in November 2019, AHEM in-person workshops have encouraged significant engagement between producers, project staff, and governments, and fostered open and frank dialogue regarding producer and industry preparedness to manage a major emergency event. The workshops are structured to demonstrate the practical application of the resources from proactive and emergency management perspectives.

The tradition continues with short and informative awareness webinars. Our serious animal disease scenario primer will get producers stoked for the in-depth experience of AHEM’s popular in-person scenario workshops. AHEM’s Incident Command System (ICS) overview will erase any doubt over the value of livestock associations obtaining the training to effectively respond to emergency events.

Serious Animal Disease Emergencies Awareness

The Serious Animal Disease Emergencies Awareness Workshop is based on the producer handbook and the association staff plan resources. This popular, interactive in-person workshop tests preparedness skills with emergency scenario exercises and sharpens the focus on the key phases of a serious animal disease response. Participants will obtain heightened awareness around a proactive response for both the infected premises and farms in the suspect area during an unusual animal health event.

Target audience: Livestock producers, association staff, emergency response and government representatives

Option 1 WORKSHOP: This workshop is approximately three hours in duration; bookings will align with local gathering restrictions

Option 2 WEBINAR: This one-hour webinar provides an introduction to AHEM’s popular Serious Animal Disease Emergencies scenario-based workshops. This overview webinar is delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Other platforms will be considered.

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Our one-hour webinars are focused on risk reduction through providing awareness of tools and guidance that enable a prepared and proactive response to managing a serious animal disease or other emergency event.