This livestock demographic study determined that Canada’s livestock (beef, dairy, veal, bison, sheep, goats and cervids) industry market channels and movement patterns vary widely from highly complex (beef) to relatively simple (bison or cervid). These channels are not static and may fluctuate significantly yearly and regionally in response to market pressures, weather, politics, et cetera.

Improvements are required to integrate/compile the movement data that we do collect. Sometimes data is collected/ reported but not recorded, or recorded on a regional basis but not national basis, or reported on an individual animal basis versus group basis. Generally good data at the national level on animal movements does not exist at present, nor is there complete data within a region or province, even Quebec, for any species.

There is considerable movement data for some sectors and significant opportunities to integrate, including data from 3 provincial livestock inspection services, ATQ, CCIA, provincial governments, et cetera. This study provided a relatively complete and consistent Canadian livestock overview and individual sector (except swine) summary of market channels and movement data. It will serve as a useful background document for further industry-government reference, risk and cost/benefit analyses, and traceability movement regulation development.