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Identifying and responding to an unusual animal health incident and initial actions

Initial recognition of a serious animal disease usually starts with a producer or staff member sensing that something is not right. This page contains information regarding indicators, initial response protocols and producer declaration responsibilities.

More information on understanding, preparing and responding to serious animal diseases can be found in the provincial species-specific AHEM producer handbooks.

Unusual Animal Health Event Indicators

Whether it is behavioural changes or physical symptoms, producers may get cues that their animals are unwell. Staff should be made aware of specific indicators within your operation that signal a cause for concern. Basic signs and symptoms of serious animal diseases specific to the livestock industry are set out in Schedule 2 of the producer handbooks and in the column to the right. This information will help improve awareness and early identification.

The Indicator Protocol can be customized in consultation with your veterinarian and staff to suit the specific needs of your farm. When these indicators are observed in individual animals or the herd, notify your veterinarian immediately and take their direction.

Quick TIPS

    • Know indicators and initial response protocols
    • Recognize primary serious animal disease symptoms
    • Discuss concerns with your veterinarian

*Reportable Diseases (listed on the right) are outlined in the Health of Animals Act and Reportable Diseases Regulations and are usually of significant importance to human or animal health or to the Canadian economy. Animal owners, veterinarians and laboratories are required to immediately report the presence of an animal that is contaminated or suspected of being contaminated with one of these diseases to a CFIA district veterinarian.