Favoriser des relations productives

À compter de l’automne 2019, nous organiserons des ateliers qui rassembleront des professionnels de l’industrie et des producteurs de partout au Canada. Pendant ces ateliers :

  • Nous présenterons la série de ressources disponibles à ce jour
  • Nous parlerons des moyens à prendre pour assurer une large diffusion et une adoption généralisée
  • Nous vérifierons les compétences grâce à un exercice de scénarios d’urgence, et
  • Nous examinerons l’ajout potentiel d’outils et de formations supplémentaires.

Nous savons que le monde des maladies animales continue d’évoluer. Notre plan consiste à équiper les principaux intervenants afin qu’ils puissent suivre le rythme de ces changements et protéger leurs animaux et eux-mêmes ainsi que le secteur dans son ensemble.

Virtual Resources – Webinars

Risk reduction is a key driver of AHEM’s emergency management resources for Canada’s livestock industry. The tradition continues with our new one-hour webinars that will enable producers and industry to proactively prepare for and manage a serious animal disease or other emergency event through a virtual learning environment. 

Our serious animal disease scenario primer will get producers stoked for the in-depth experience of AHEM’s popular live workshops as they resume in accordance with gathering restrictions. AHEM’s Incident Command System overview will erase any doubt over the value of livestock associations obtaining the training to effectively respond to emergency events.

  1. The Serious Animal Disease Emergencies producer workshop overview webinar (Audience: Producers, livestock association staff, governments)
    This webinar provides an overview of AHEM’s popular Serious Animal Disease Emergencies scenario-based producer workshops. The condensed format sharpens the focus on the key phases of a serious animal disease response and the corresponding protocols and guidance in the AHEM producer handbook resource. Participants will obtain heightened awareness around a proactive response for both the infected premise and farms in the suspect area during an unusual animal health event.
  2. The Incident Command System overview webinar (Audience: Association board executive and key staff)
    The Incident Command System (ICS) is the standard command and control structure for emergency management in Canada. ICS is the structure governments use in an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Participants will gain an understanding of ICS and the roles association leadership and staff may be assigned to in an EOC response, and the need for associations to undertake ICS training to effectively represent industry needs in multi-jurisdictional emergency events.

Details: The run time is approximately one hour and are available on Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Other platforms will be considered.

AHEM webinars can be booked directly through AHEM or contact your provincial livestock association and request that they host one for members. The Serious Animal Disease Emergencies scenario-based live workshop is an excellent companion piece to webinar No. 1 and can also be booked through AHEM.

The webinars are offered as part of AHEM’s suite of emergency management response resources to prepare producers and industry associations for a serious animal disease or other emergency event.

For more information, please contact: Gina TeelAHEM awareness activity lead